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DryBonez aim is simple -  to produce mobile consumer products, to provide high quality mobile application development services  for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 and  to develop in house mobile applications  and to do this in an ethical fashion where company profit is not the only concern - employees and their families matter!


DryBonez  is the producer of a consumer producer called CableBuds - The Solution for Dangling Earbud, Earphone and Headphone Cables. CableBuds are small plastic discs with tiny magnets embedded in the disc that attract towards a metal backing plate. The metal backing plate is placed behind a garment such as a T-shirt and then the front disc placed over iPod, iPhone, Android or any media device earbud, earphone or headphone cable, trapping the cable in a groove and stopping movement. This provides freedom to exercise, work or just relax by eliminating the hassle of dangling cables and by reducing the possibility of the cable getting tangled. No Dangle No Tangle!

DryBonez Name

The most common question we get asked is "why is the company called DryBonez ?" For that you need to turn to a Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. In chapter 37 of Ezekiel you will find God gave the prophet a vision of old bones in a barren desert and he told him to tell the bones to live. The bones formed into humans with flesh but then it took God Himself to breathe life into the dead dry bones. DryBonez is nothing unless God breathes life in to "dry bones", hence the name. Interestingly the vision showed that Israel was dead and without hope - it would take God to breathe new life into it; the Christian acknowledges he is dead in his sins and it takes God, through His son Jesus, to breathe new life into him, through the forgiveness of sin.